Hey so I’ve just started using this app, I like it but was wondering if they also show you how the words you’re learning are spelt? I’d like to learn both written and oral, does this app only teach you oral?

SSiW is mainly based on spoken Welsh, yes, but there are vocabulary lists with each challenge (to get the best result, they should only be looked at after you’ve done the challenge without them, if possible).

Thanks for your reply, I looked in the app settings and couldn’t find any vocabulary list. Is it only available on website or is there one in app too?

Are you using the app on android or IOS? I think there may not be vocab on the IOS version but I’m not sure (I can’t find previous posts on the subject by @gisella-albertini and @rich, but hopefully they’ll pick up their tags and confirm)

In the meantime, this thread might help:


Hi @jordan-miles

The vocab on the Iphone/ ipad version is accessed by pressing the red speach bubble on each lesson - see below.

The Android version doesn’t have vocab but can of course be accessed via a browser on the phone, pointed at the SSIW site.

Rich :slight_smile:


Thanks Rich - I had a feeling one of them didn’t have it (trust me to pick the wrong one!)