Would someone like to have their house sat?

I am desperately trying to get over to Wales this year for an extended period but money, or lack of it, is standing in my way. I had the brilliant Idea that someone in Wales (preferably with an idyllic cottage in an idyllic village - but anywhere actually) would like a house sitter. I’m thinking of from February to possibly after the Eisteddfod. I am a lady in my sixties and very respectable and responsible. In my vast life experience with children I have kept mice, rats, birds, lizards, guinea pigs, fish, dogs and cats. My available periods would exclude the last week in June and last week in July, which are Bootcamp weeks. Also the Urdd Festival week and National Eisteddfod week. If anyone is interested please let me know. By the way, I’m in Australia.

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Depending on how …ehm…‘able’ you are there are a lot of opportunities to volunteer on farms in Wales but you’ll need to get your hands dirty. You get offered food and lodgings in return for your help.





and my favourite: http://www.caemabon.co.uk/#/opportunities/4591871837


Thanks for these, Alice. I’ll have a look. I’m not sure how able I have to be but you never know it may take years off me. Smile!


@Deborah-SSi - one for the email? And maybe you might remember - didn’t Bodfarian have a house she let out?

To be honest it might be worth emailing the farms as they tend to offer very different things - my friend used wwoof and she ended up doing all sorts of things, from just running the house to potting flowers to building sheds, so you might be able to find something suitable.


Thank you Alice. I’ll do that.