Would like more lessons

I am becoming a little impatient waiting for more lessons I don’t do the Skype or socialise much on the forums on here I depend on the lessons to advance … I don’t want be critical about say something in Welsh as I really appreciate how much I have learnt and how I can hold conversations now I am just eager to learn … so to be positive I thought I would introduce my self and try and get involved with the forum … my name is Dunc I am 47 Welsh learner living in Blaenau Ffestiniog and I really enjoy learning Welsh … please feel free to introduce your self to me so I can get to know you all hope to hear from you all soon

Hi Duncan , welcome to the forum . I’m glad to hear that you are finding the lessons as useful and helpful as I am . Have you considered going over the old course while you wait for more of the lessons on level 3 to be published ?(if you’ve not done them already ) I am guessing that you must be getting a lot of chance to practice your Welsh , living in such a stong Welsh area. I live in Penmaenmawr so not all that far from you really . I’m sure you will find it really useful being part of the forum as everyone is always very friendly and helpful :slight_smile:


@Dunc should I say “Welcome to the forum again” rather then just “Welcome to the forum” since you’ve joined 2 years ago … but no. I’ll just say “Welcome home.”

Yes, this forum is kind of home to all of us who learn Welsh (or any other language for that matter) no matter where we live and what level we are.

I believe you don’t need long introduction of me as I’m appearing like the raindrops allover the forum but anyway. I am Slovene, living in Slovenia and learning Welsh because it’s beautiful language and it needs to be preserved so every little counts and every learner is priceless I believe. Apart from my silly promisses of me learning Welsh if Welsh rugby team wins The Six Nations Grand Slam in 2012 (which they did as you know) I’m here for that reason - to help preserve the language and the Welsh herritage with that.

On the note of your observations and wishes: I’m not sure how much material did you go through but, as you’re learning the language for that long, I presume you’re paying member and you did every single lesson of all 3 courses of the variation of the language (south or north). So as @Sam84 suggests you to go through old course, (which can be both, super useful and confusing at times) i suggest you to go “on the other side” and go through this material aswell (I mean if you’re doing Southern, try Northern or oposite), if it wouldn’t confuse you too much of course. This can be super useful if you intend to go to bootcamp (if you weren’t to one already) for the first time because you’re very likely to hear/encounter mix of both there. And … besides … a language is a language and the more variations/dialects you know, the better.

Now … happy expectation of the new material which is promissed to come out quite soon and happy learning!

Tatjana :slight_smile:


Croeso, Dunc!

We’ve had a fel teething issues with the new lesson system, which is why the new level 3 is slow in the north and still non-existant in the south. Plus April is full of bootcamps, Easter breaks for children (and other time consumers) and the SSiW birthday party, which may slow things a tiny bit as well.

Once they start coming properly, they’ll fly, so thank you for your patience on this one.

As Tatjana says, it’s well worth looking at what material you haven;t covered yet - you may find the old course 1 a bit basic, and the old course 3 a bit poorly structured, compared to the new material that you;re used to, but they will definitely give you some more flexibility and add a new depth to your Welsh.

You might like to try the listening practices of the course that you didn;t do as well - so listening to my voice on the southern course, which will improve your ability to understand more of the voices on Radio Cymru / S4C etc.

I hope that helps, and can give you a new challenge to get your teeth into while you wait for the updates of level 3.