Would like help with a poem if possible


I was wondering of it would be possible for someone to help me write a poem in welsh. It’s my 1st wedding anniversary on friday (22nd may) and my husband mentioned yesterday that he’d got a gift for me which I wasnt expecting - we hadn’t planned to do gifts.

He’s welsh first language and I though it would be nice if I have him a poem as then it could be written on paper and be in theme but I dont know enough welsh make one so I was wondering if anyone here was able to help?

I realise that this is super short notice so i appreciate that it might not be possible but I though I’d ask anyway.

I’m very fond of the englyn, a short Welsh poem full of alliteration, which would sound magical when your husband read it aloud. It would work better if he was a beer drinker…

Y cryfaf peth

Cryf yw cryfdwr dŵr ar doriad - y môr,
Cryf ymherodr dengwlad,
Cryf yw’r gwynt, rhyw helynt rhad,
Cryf yw cwrw, cryfa’ cariad.

The title means ‘The strongest thing’, and the poet talks of things which are strong, before ending: Beer is strong, love is strongest. I can’t manage the rest well enough, but if you give it to your husband, please come back and let us know what the rest of it says!

The poet is ‘Anhysbys’ (Unknown).

I hope you have a lovely day!

I found these two on WalesOnline. They give a translation too.

Mi gerddaf gyda thi
dros lwybrau maith.

Mi Gerddaf Gyda Thi, gan Anon

I’ll walk beside you over many paths. N.B. My dictionary gives maith as: lengthy, livelong, which I think is better, but what do I know?

Dwy galon un dyhead, dwy
dafod ond un iaith, dwy
raff yn cydio’n ddolen, dau
enaid ond un taith.

Priodas gan Dic Jones

Two hearts, one wish, two tongues but one language, two ropes that join connected, two souls but one journey.

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Diolch yn fawr to you both

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