Would anyone like to make an 'intercambio' between Welsh and Spanish?

S’mae pawb/Hola a todos/Hello folks

I was wondering if any Welsh speakers learning Spanish would be interested in a Skype language exchange?

I’m learning Welsh and am craving opportunities to speak more! I’ve almost finished the new Level 1 Welsh course, finished old level 1, completed a distance foundation course with Lampeter last year and got to half way through the intermediate before stopping as I was learning too much academic written Welsh without having a good grasp of how to communicate and speak in Welsh! Just about to start the Pellach correspondence course with Bangor Uni!

I’m learning North Walian Welsh but am not too bothered by the north and south thing as I just need to practice speaking more! I live in Georgia (the country) so Skype language exchanges would work best for me.

As for Spanish I bit the bullet and move to Andalucía in 2008 to finally learn Spanish and was based in Sevilla for 1.5 years, while also having worked, volunteered and traveled in South and Central America over the years speaking in Spanish the whole time. My conversational level is still pretty good!

So, I’m very keen to practice speaking Welsh and would be very happy to make an ‘intercambio’ (language exchange) withe Spanish. Please drop me a line if interested

Cofion, Saludos, Cheers, Chris

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Would be fun for the email, @Deborah-SSi? :slight_smile:

Hi Aran, just wondering which email you are referring to? Any recommendations on where I should post a similar blurb on the Welsh forum page?

Our weekly email to Welsh learners - although it looks as though @Deborah-SSi might not have seen the notification!

We throw most stuff into General Questions, so that’d be good, I reckon… :slight_smile:

It was in this week’s newsletter, though if it went into everyone’s spam folder, maybe they didn’t see it. I linked to this thread.

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O, ffab, diolch :star: :star2:

Muchisimas gracias ambos. Dw i’n mynd i drior yn y forum Cymraeg hefyd rwan!

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Found this to be an interesting post! Given my Welsh is much better than my Spanish (level 2 beginning) I wondered if such a cyfnewid tramor would be helpful for both of us. I am from Wales but now live in the US (New York) Let me know if you’d like to try something. Time difference?

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Sunday is best for me. How about 10a.m.-11:00 eastern standard time?

Could we try to do half the session in Welsh and then half in Spanish?

Diolch eto… gracias!


Sounds good. My Skype is chris_taylor4

Just drop me a line on Sunday via Skype to confirm the time. I’m working on Sunday but should be home by then

Ten muy buen semana

Saludos/Cofion, Chris

Will do Chris. Looking forward to it. I hope I can be of use to you with the Welsh!!
Prob Hwyl