Words now appearing but progress bar doesn't work

I’m on Unit 1, Challenge 21 and suddenly the words appear in Spanish as the speakers are saying them. This hasn’t happened before and is a great help.

On the other hand the progress bar showing how many minutes I’ve done/got to go etc doesn’t seem to work although there may be another one below it hidden at the foot of the screen.

This all may be due to me changing from Chromium (sort of Google Chrome for Linux) to Mozilla browser ?

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Hi Dave - we’ve added a video version of the files for Level 1 - although there still ought to be a progress bar at the foot of the video file. The audio file is underneath the video file, so scroll down and you should see that.

@kinetic - Ifan, could you check that the progress bar in the videos is working okay in Firefox? :slight_smile:

This all seems to work now - Thank you !

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Great - thanks for letting us know! :slight_smile: