Word order

I am struggling with word order when constructing sentences. Are there any ‘rules’ for the ensuring the correct word order?

The general rule is verb-subject-object, but there are exceptions (e.g. in sentences with emphasis). Another ‘order rule’ is that generally adjectives come after nouns - but there are exceptions with this too. Those are the basic ones - is that the kind of thing you were after?

Yes - I think that helps. Can you give me an example of a “sentence with emphasis” that is an exception from the verb-subject-object rule. Also an example of an exception to the “adjective after noun” rule


without emphasis - David asked a question - Gofynodd David cwestiwn
with emphasis - David asked a question - Cwestiwn gofynodd David

ifanc is a regular adjective - the young man - y dyn ifanc
hen is an irregular adjective - the old man - yr hen ddyn

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Diolch Siaron

I used to live in a road called “OLD ROAD” and I have always understodd that the Welsh Translation is “HEOL HEN”. Is this translation correct??

That’s an exception in itself. To mean “Old Road” it should be Hen Heol, but in some instances hen can be used after the noun to mean ‘ancient’/‘archaic’/‘very, very old’ rather than simply ‘old’, so I think that’s probably what’s happened with your Heol Hen.


Diolch Siaron. That’s been puzzling me - but no longer.

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