Word for Wine

Hoping the title will attract interest :smiley:

Listening to Hywel Gwynfryn on Radio Cymru incidentally playing a song by Gruffydd Wyn
Puns intentional.

So anyway -
I heard Hywel and others recently using inen for wine (rather than gwin). Is this a standard option? I only noticed it because it’s used for wine in the SSi Manx course, and I had one of those moments when you check which language you are listening to :slight_smile:

Sorry, short version of question: Is inen ok for wine?


I’ve never come across “inen” for wine. I’ve also checked various dictionaries, including Y Geriadur Mawr and it doesn’t seem to be in any of them. Possibly dialect?

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Just to add, I remembered to ask the native speaker who takes part in our informal Wednesday morning chat (currently via Skype) and she had never heard “inen” for “wine”. So it’s a complete mystery as to why you’ve heard it used.

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Hi Margaret, just listening to Sian Cothi, a few minutes ago, I think Imight have been mishearing earlier.

This morning it sounded like o wynau with the “e” pronunciation of au, so I must have heard ychydig o-(w)yne and imagined an “n” at the end :smiley:

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