Word for 'Might' or 'May'

I know about the construction ‘Might as well…’ but is there a word or phrase for ‘might’ or ‘may’ as in ‘you might like’ or ‘you may like’?

I’m doing the exercise in which you translate the english you’re listening to into Welsh and I’m hearing the phrase ‘you may/might like…’ in what I’m listening to now.

The word for, maybe or perhaps is…efallai.

Hope this helps.

Hmm…it might. Could I use it like so:
i’chi efallai hoffi llyfr hwn

I wouldn’t like to say definitively no to that as there are many ways of saying the same thing, but I might prefer one of the following:

Efallai y chi hoffi llyfr hwn.
Efallai newch chi hoffi llyfr hwn.
Efallai hoffech llyfr hwn.

Efallai newch chi hoffi llyfr hwn.

This one or ‘efallai byddwch chi’n hoffi’r llyfr hwn’ are the two most likely…:slight_smile:

Alternatively, ‘mae’n bosib y byddwch chi’, also…:slight_smile:

efallai byddwch chi’n hoffi’r llyfr hwn

I’m confused here…doesn’t byddwch chi’n mean will you?

Yes, it does…:smile: And efallai means perhaps - so ‘Perhaps you will’, which gives pretty much the same sense as ‘you might’…:smile:

Which is the same as ‘efallai wnewch chi hoffi’r llyfr hwn’, too.

Aha…I see. Diolch Aran!

Croeso mawr…:smile: