Wondering what "lagalurghy" means?

I’m curious about what “lagalurgy” means (and how badly I’ve butchered the spelling)?

There’s a Welsh guy on YouTube who uses it as a way of referencing the current pandemic without triggering YouTube’s filters.
Since my spelling no doubt has little resemblance to the correct spelling Google has been no help.

Can you link it so we can hear him? Might help us?

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That’s so interesting @siaronjames. Lurgy is a word my dad uses for a short term, unspecified illness, a cold, the flu, too much time in the bathroom. Lagalurgy is a new word to me. It’s common to give a word a new name so as to evade censorship or the gods of misfortune. The Big C, instead of cancer. In China they might use a character that looks similar to the one they are really talking about.


I don’t know whether they invented it, or whether it was Forces slang during the Second World War, but the Goon Show used the word “lurgy” a lot. If I remember correctly, it was “The dreaded lurgy”. It’s been a slang term for illness since then, though probably dropped out of use amongst the young.

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We still use “lurgy” up my way… but then whether I still qualify as young is probably not for me to say


“Lurgy” or not - if you’re learning a new language, you’re still young!