During the lessons I here a lot of what sounds like “NES” - tat I assume is “WNES”. What confuses me is that I here:


WNES I - I (as in WNES I GWRDD A = I met)

WNES TI NEWYDD DDECHRAU = Have you just started??

What ar ell athese various forms of WNES???

The past tense forms of gwneud are

gwnes i
gwnest ti
gwnaeth e/o/hi
gwnaethon ni
gwnaethoch chi
gwnaethon nhw

However… these are the written forms. With the spoken forms, you’ll find that the g is almost always dropped (wnes i, wnest ti, etc) and particularly in the North (though not exclusively), the w is also dropped (nes i, nest ti, etc).


Thank you Siaron. It is the spoken forms that were causing me confusion.

gwnes i - I DID
gwnest ti - YOU DID
gwnaeth e/o/hi - HE DID, SHE DID (I am not sure about “o gwnaeth”
gwnaethon ni - WE DID?
gwnaethoch chi - YOU DID (Formal version?)
gwnaethon nhw - THEY DID

“gwnaeth o” is the Northern version of “gwnaeth e”

yes, formal “you”, but also plural “you”

Diolch Siaron


Very helpful , diolch

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I am glad that other people have the same problems as me. Hopefully I can sort it out when I am able o meet up with my Welsh friends again and actually try to speak Welsh with them.

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