I am on challenge 20 level 1 Welsh.
How am I doing, sometimes good and then not so good.
Remembering certain words and phrases is hard especially when mutations or abbreviations are used.
to aid me I tried using a Collins Dictionary and look up words but generall the word I want is not shown - gwneud is but not the variations eg wnest.
I found Wiktionary by chance and have used it to clarify my understanding of certain words used in the tutorial and YES it does show wnes.
of course it also shows all entries in what ever language but i thought some people might wish to check variantions eg Oedd is shown as an inflection of Bod.
Also helpful for me it can include a sentence.

It’s great, isn’t it! I quite often use it to look up verb tables. Here are a couple more that you might also find helpful:

  • Geiriadur Prifysgol Bangor, also available as an app for your phone (ap Geiriaduron): a simple dictionary that will recognise when words are mutated and take you to the root word: https://geiriadur.bangor.ac.uk/
  • Geiriadur yr Academi (also known as “The Bruce”): this dictionary only does English to Welsh (not the other way around), but I find it really useful for giving phrases to put a word into context: https://geiriaduracademi.org/
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