Why Welsh has mutations

New video on my YouTube channel for learners

WHY does Welsh have mutations after all?

A summary of the history of Welsh mutations, how they originated, how we got to what we have today, and some comparisons with English to make things nice and easy!

You’ll FINALLY get it!



This is a superb video.
The phenomenon of “ghost” sound variations (watch the video to see what this means, everybody!) is to be found in other languages as well.
Diolch yn fawr iawn - thank you very much!


A brilliant, interesting, authoritative snd well delivered explanation. Diolch o calon ( sori galon :grinning: )

Mutations are still my main bugbear and I’ve been happy to accept on this excellent forum that they don’t matter. (This is why I shall continue to call myself a learner rather than a siaradwr/ydd).

@radekpiskorski 's explanation will help me tackle mutations so I can finally “talk Welsh tidy” :smile: