Why is there an 'i' in dwi ddim isio i ti siarad?

I’d just like to know why the i between the isio and the ti siarad? Is it a kind of that as in I don’t want ‘that’ you say? Does it get used in other constructions eg dw i ddim agen i ti 'wneud? etc

I hate when I can’t see why something happens…Thanks

Helo @antonia-1 ,
the problem with asking “why” when it comes to languages is that often there’s not a good answer. Just keep in mind that translating from one language to another is more than translating words, because sometimes, languages just “work” differently. Here, the i is simply an integral part of the structure, and it is always there in sentences where someone wants (or needs) someone else to do something.
Another example: Dw i angen i ti fynd i’r siop heddiw.I need you to go to the shop today.

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Thanks, that’s prefect, All I needed to know is when to use it, so with both agen and isio if either me (myself, English grammar has now disappeared!) or some else is wanting or needing someone to do something the i is used. Now I just need to remember the construction! Thanks again

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