Why is it 'wanted'

In Challenge 14 why is ‘dwedodd e fod e’n moyn’ translated as ‘he said that he WANTED’ and not ‘WANTS’ ? How would you say ‘he said that he wants’ ?

I’m wondering whether it might be that it could be translated as either WANTED or WANTS depending on the context, i.e. he said at that time that he wants something, and just at that time (e.g. a drink) = WANTED, or he said that he wants something and may have been wanting it for some time and maybe still wants it (e.g. a new car) = WANTS ??

It’s either wanted or wants depending on context, as @johnwilliams_6 correctly surmises - because the fod is really the verbnoun (bod), and verbnouns are neutral for tense (in other words, they simply don’t indicate tense).


Thanks for the replies