Why has have the lessons gone silent on me

I arrived back from a month’s holiday (where I used my MP3 player to good effect) and switched on the course to brush up on what I had practised. I can get to the lessons but I do not have sound. Why is this, please?

My guess is that you have a sound setting hiccup on your device - can you hear other things? What happens if you try to play a YouTube video? :slight_smile:

I can hear other things but not the lessons

Have you updated the SSiW software?

Okay, that’s a bit puzzling - can you tell us a bit more about what device you’re on, and what software?

@kinetic - might need your input here :slight_smile:

Definitely sounds like something up with whatever device you’re using to listen, but can’t be sure what - are you listening using the little player in the pages, in a browser on your computer? Or a browser on a phone / tablet? Or our app? Or perhaps you’ve downloaded the lessons and are listening using some other kind of media player?

(If it’s the browser-on-a-computer thing, could you click on this link - http://www.schillmania.com/projects/soundmanager2/troubleshoot/ - and let us know what it says? It should ideally give you either “OK” or “N/A” for all the things, and “OK” for “Sound test” at the bottom.)

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