Why don't we...?

Hi I am working through the extra Vocab units after Course 1
In number 6 (Bootcamp-Northern version) when you are saying ‘why don’t WE’ I can’t catch what comes after Beth am eg why don’t we drink more Beth am XXXXX afed myw it sounds like yn mi but that doesn’t make sense. I thought it would be ni’n but it just doesn’t sound like it…

I assume it is “Beth am inni yfed mwy”.

“inni” is the form “i” takes when speaking about “us”.

Not sure that helps… (little sheep icon!)

Thanks!.. it sound right but I can’t remember it being mentioned before on the course…
Can you run me through the other forms? you/he/she/us/they…

Actually, think I may have complicated matters- oops!
“Beth am i ni” is a perfectly good way of looking at it, and I don’t know exactly what was said!

With “i”, the personal forms are-
“I” - “i mi”, or “i fi”
"You(s) - “i ti”
“Him” - “iddo fe/ iddo fo”
“Her”- “iddi hi”
Us - inni/ i ni
You (pl) - i chi
They- iddyn nhw

Nice to know, but don’t let it slow down your speaking speed by thinking about it too much!

Thanks Owain, sometimes with SSIW (because there is no written bit) I get confused. Thanks for your help.

The written stuff comes later, SSiW is all about developing your speaking skills. It is hard work - your listening muscles get a real good work-out, and as adults, we will always look for a “sensible” quicker way, as our life-experience tells us to. I suppose the parallel is that a rugby team can’t read about passing the ball and then do it perfectly, they have to get out there and do it! I call it the Nike attitude…