Why Did I Write a Song in Welsh?

Back in September 2020 after watching a viral video of the weather presenter Liam Dutton pronouncing the train station name in Ynys Môn, I decided to learn this beautiful language. The more I learned, the more I fell in love with it. The family historically told me we were part Welsh in background, though we did not know how many generations back. I am also part Irish, half Italian and part German by background, living in the United States.

Learning to speak new languages has been a hobby of mine for some time; I speak seven languages, some better than others. I find speaking Welsh helps me cope with my brain disease. While hospitalized, I spoke some Welsh during our mandatory biofeedback sessions. There before my eyes, I watched the tension go down on the monitor as I said some Welsh words.

Learning about the oppression from the English trying to take away Wales’ identity by forbidding them to speak their own language motivated me to learn it all the more. A self-taught musician and songwriter, I felt it would be fun to write a song in Welsh.

Cat videos are some of the most popular online. My kitty Nicki is my sweet daughter, so why not write a song expressing my love for her and beautiful Cymru.

My hope is that “Dwi’n Dy Garu Di” inspires more people to try and learn Welsh. It is such a fun and poetic language.


That’s so fascinating about the biofeedback sessions - thank you so much for sharing. And it’s always really lovely to see people starting to use their new language for creative purposes :star2: Diolch, Jeni! :slight_smile:

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Diolch @aran :slight_smile: I appreciate your feedback, and hope you are doing well.