Who speaks faster - northerners or southerners?

One of the topics of discussion in the Welsh group call last night was, “Who speaks more quickly, northerners or southerners?”

We didn’t really get any answers - dooes anyone have an opinion?

Sorry i had to drop out. Im my experience northerners.

My experience - those who speak quickly do. I genuinely haven’t found speed to be that regional. I’ve met some very very speedy speakers from everywhere.


Is it speed that matters or apparent speed? I have told the storŷ of the visiters from USA on a bus in Abertawe (Swansea) who could not understand the conductor. His accent and the actual words created a perfect storm of misunderstanding. They didn’t catch on that Singleton is a place, a bus stop name. OK he spoke quickly but all I did was say exactly the same thing in the same language with a few tiny additions to clarify. They understood me and asked if he had spoken Welsh! A very good friend did not write copperplate! Neither did I but my writing at work was a tad clearer. Once, when my friend was away, our boss brought me his notes and asked if they were in Welsh, because he could not make out a word. It’s the same sort of problem!

From my experience, north Wales Welsh speakers speak slower in English that south Wales Welsh speakers in English. There seems to be less difference in speed when speaking in Welsh, tho south Wales speakers might have a slight edge.

This is not based on any verifiable study, just my perceptions.


I used to notice that. Well, that they spoke slower than people in Abertawe! In those days, I tended to assume that everyone in Gwynedd was 1st Language Welsh and thought slow English was due to it being learned, but maybe either, folk in Swansea just gabble, or, people in Gwynedd just speak slowly?

Picture the scene … A group of ten bootcampers and @aran standing on Ynys Enlli after being dropped off on the island listening to instructions from the guy on the boat. After 5 mins he finished and walked away. Ten bootcampers turned to Aran to ask “what the heck did he just say?” to which Aran replied “I have no idea!” Like @AnthonyCusack said I think its down to the individual not the region. * personal experience only