Who is coming to Tresaith in July

just wondering who will be coming along? Really looking to meeting you all.

Hi, I’ll be there in July. :slight_smile: There is a thread about July bootcamp at this link: https://site.saysomethingin.com/communities/welsh-for-english-speakers/topics/83677044b2fa3fb4?query=tresaith+july

See you over there?

I’ll be there. :slight_smile:

I’ll be there, too. :slight_smile:

Me too! :slight_smile:

And me!

So, that’s five of us. Where are the others. The April bootcamp sounded wonderful. I can’t wait. Will we get a what to bring list etc. at some point. Like, do we need to bring bedding, towels, etc.? Wellies (I don’t have any), bathers (swimming suits), ear plugs, enough clothes for the week (or are there washing machines, etc.? Maybe this is all somewhere on the forum and I have missed it? But I leave home at the beginning of July so planning for the trip is already i. Full swing. :slight_smile:

Hi Elizabeth, there is a good guide on the old forum, including stuff about bedding etc. Sorry, I don’t know how to post a link on the new forum. For one, I am definitely taking bathers!

Here’s one thread from the old forum, about what to bring to Tresaith. There are others in the same area.


Okay, I’ve been over to the thread on the old forum. Towels, sleeping bag, pillow case? I’d rather not bring them from Australia if at all possible. Does the Accomodation have some I can hire? I’m happy to pay extra.

Hi EJ - There are some items available at the centre for those coming from overseas - who certainly don’t want to include duvet s etc intheir luggage! - and we can supply anything that you’re short of.

Helo pawb! Edrych ymlaen ar weld y chi ym mis Gorffenaf! Paid anghofwch dy nofio dillad!! Y traeth y hyfryd! Dan ni newydd eisiau tywydd yn dda! Fingers crossed! Llawer ymarfer gneud cyn byddwn ni fynd! Hwyl am y tro! Jan

Thank Iestyn. A sleeping bag would take up half my case. :slight_smile: I will trust to find towels, duvet’s and a pillow and will bring everything else. Including my bathers though I don’t swim in Australia unless it’s like 35+ degrees. Maybe I will make that part of the challenge. To swim in the Welsh sea. Brrr…

Dw i’n mor gyffrous! Just had to add that. :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to meeting you all! I fly out of NY on the 23rd…arriving in Cardiff via Dublin on the 24th. So gyffrous iawn!

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I’ll be there and looking forward to seeing Brigitte and Carys again, as well as meeting new ffrindiau.

ps, Silly question, probably, but why are so many of the replies on this thread headed “May '14”? Have I lost a year somewhere?


Yes you did obviously.

S’mae pawb.

Bryan Roberts dw’i ac dwi’n dod ir bootcamp y mis hon hefyd. Byddai yn neis iawn I cyfarfod chi pawb, yn enwedig chi pwy sy’n ddod o tramor. Croeso i gymru!

(No prizes for the one who finds the most mistakes in the above!)

Gwela I chi yna!!


I was a bit puzzled with this one. I use “ydw i” but might be your way is also correct. :slight_smile: Everything else seams fine to me and I’m of course the last person who should do the correction here. :slight_smile:

Ac … Mae’n drwg da fi ond dwi ddim yn dod ir bwtcamp … :slight_smile: