Which future tense to use

Hi, I’ve been a bit confused about whether to use bydda’i or na i, and i wondered if it is like the difference between o’n i’n and nes i in the past tense? I know that certain words tend to go with one or the other eg hoffi and moyn going with o’n i’n in the past, so is it the same in the future? Would i use bydda’i for verbs that are more continuous, and na i for events that are shorter? Not sure if I explained myself very well there sorry.

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The way a tutor explained it to us once was that “wna i…” was for things you were about to do, for instance put the kettle on, go to the shop. “bydda i…” was for things truly in the future.

I’m sure there’s a more technical explanation, but that’s how I use the different tenses.


That’s super helpful @margarethall , simple enough for me to remember :grinning:

I think that’s the neatest heuristic, but it’s also fine just to go with whatever comes to mind first - you’re never going to be misunderstood, and over time you’ll just get used to certain patterns that the people you speak to most often tend to use… :slight_smile:

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