Which Course do I use?

Hi Folks! I joined SSI during lockdown and started with the course that came with the app download. This was OK and I was pleased with my progress until that course disappeared one day! I looked for it and tried updating the app but could only find “Old Course 1” so I got stuck in to that. Now I’m at lesson 11 on that course and have started receiving the weekly “new” course by email which turns out to be the original course I was working on which disappeared! Still with me! :slight_smile:
My question is which course do I use the old or the new, or do I use both (as I am doing at the moment)?
The Old course actually works better for me as I have the lessons downloaded onto my phone so I can pop back for a refresher if I feel I need it and the app is much easier to work with than the lesson format from the weekly email. Is there an option to download the new course onto my phone?

Hi Peter, sorry that you’re having difficulties.

I’m going to tag a few people who may be able to help you. @aran, @Stine, @Kinetic

All the very best with your continued learning! :slight_smile:

Thanks Catrin. I’m not having problems just want a bit of direction and info about download on current course.

Hi @peter-nunn I recommend the new course (and going back to the old course when you’ve finished the new one!) You can access the lessons on the new course in the app too - both the old and new courses are available there :slight_smile:

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Hi Cetra! Thanks for the info. I’ve found my way round the app and located the Level 1 course now. My regular morning 1/2 hour practice is going to be more fun than ever now!


hello @peter-nunn, just to add to what Cetra said, I’d also definitely recommend doing the old course as well as the new course. I did them the other way round and found new things in both. What I’d particularly recommend on the ‘old’ course are the vocab units at the end of the levels, especially at the end of Level 2. The challenge on ‘how to have an argument’ , sorry, ‘contribute to discussions’ is the one I’ve found most useful in everyday conversation. Hope you enjoy them both!


Thanks for that, Stine! The advice about “contributing to discussions” sounds really interesting … and useful. :slight_smile: