Whether to use hyd yn hyn or eto?

after a bit of a break I’m back into Level 2 nothern welsh and really enjoying it. However during challenge 2 I had one of those moments when something shows you that the language pattern you thought you’d worked out is even more complicated! The first time I tried to to put the sentence "No we don’t have children yet into welsh I used hyd yn hyn for “yet” and was really surprised to find it should have been eto. In my head I’d been equating that with “as well” and sometimes “again” something about in addition. I’m guessing that this is one of those places where Welsh and English don’t map exactly onto each other but can anyone give any clues that might help me figure out whether it’s eto or hyd yn hyn I need in a new sentence?

Diolch yn fawr



Have a look at this thread.

I’ve always used eto for both again and yet - I’ve never actually heard hyd yn hyn (though I am doing the southern course). I suspect it’s just one of those many situations where there are multiple ways of saying the same thing.

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That’s the one…:wink:

In this example, you’d have been fine with ‘hyd yn hyn’ as well - one of the things you need (emotionally speaking) to get to grips with by the tail end of Level 2 is that you’re starting to develop a number of different ways to say some things - so don’t worry when you hear a different solution to what you said. It’s only in live conversation that you’ll really be able to find out whether or not you’re communicating successfully… :sunny: