Where to watch y gwyll/Hinterland

I have Hinterland on Netflix but I want to watch it in Welsh and it’s not available on Prime video to buy only the english version. Can you buy programmes in Welsh? It’s not on Clic anymore. Only season 2 on amazon on dvd

I haven’t been able to find the Welsh version anywhere on-line (once they took it off from S4C box sets sometime in 2018 or 2019).

These guys still seem to have series 3 available (even though currently closed because of COVID restrictions in the UK, it seems).

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen three series on DVD at the best price around, here:

I don’t know UK rules for shops and shippings right now, but anyway if not for now, maybe for later !


I’ve just looked on Amazon (UK) And Y Gwyll is available in Welsh on DVD


It’s say unavailable maybe I’ll have better luck when things are normal again.


Thanks all in English.

Oh sorry didn’t check details and thought that when y gwyll appeared anywhere, it would include Welsh version. But maybe worth keeping an eye on it too…

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