Where to practise in London and the Midlands?

Does anyone know if there is anywhere to practice my Welsh in London, Birmingham or Coventry? I can’t find somewhere but I’m not sure if I’m looking in the right places, so if you know any places where I’d be able to learn and practise, please tell me!

(Welsh translation, just for practice :sweat_smile:)
Ydy unrhyw un yn gwybod os mae na unrwhyle i hymarfer fy nghymraeg yn Lundain, yn Firmingham neu’n Nghofentry? Dw i’n methu ffeindio rhywle ond sa i’n siwr os ydw i’n chwilio yn y lleoedd cywir, felly os ydych chi’n nabod unrhyw leoedd lle bydden i’n gallu dysgu ac ymarfer, neu mae awgrym gennoch chi, plis dwedwch wrtha’i!

Hi Gabriel, the London Welsh Centre has a weekly conversation group I believe …I haven’t been to one yet and should probably pluck up some courage to go along. There is also this happening in London 28th of September.

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Well, if you’re near Kings Heath this Thursday: South Birmingham Welsh Learners Meetup

I’m sure people there will have some suggestions as well.


Hi Gabriel!
I can recommend Coventry Meet-ups close to Coventry railway station at the Litten Tree with @andyjone and @mintonman and others on second Wednesday of the month evenings (tomorrow!) or on Saturday mornings at Rugby Wyvevale garden centre monthly, I think. I have not yet made it to Dorridge on a Monday…

I shall be trying out King’s Heath on Thursday, too!


Hi Gabriel, @Bleddyn is right. There is a cylch siarad at the London Welsh Centre on Thursdays which starts up again a week this Thursday, about 7.30pm in the bar. If you are a nervous type just walk in the main door, to the left you will see a staircase in the corner, the bar is at the top (the group normally sit at the far end but just ask the bar staff - in Welsh of course). The Centre is on Grays Inn Road about 10mins walk from Kings Cross. The event at Capel y Boro on the 28th September is to celebrate the role of the Welsh churches in keeping Welsh alive in the capital. It will be mainly singing and listening to music (no preaching) with a free buffet and free wine and Welsh beer and cider afterwards. This is a guaranteed Welsh speaking event for all levels. Peter

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Diolch pawb am eich awgrymiadau chi, I will definitely check these out. Especially the Cylch Siarad, however I start university before the 28th in Coventry so I’ll be there too late for the meet in South Birmingham but too early for the event at Capel y Boro :sweat:


It seems that South Birmingham will be meeting again… and the Litten Tree, Coventry will be available again, I hope, in October. Perhaps see you there & then @Gabriel @andyjone!