Where to practice in SW Wales

Hi all, hope you are well. I’ve got to use some leave in mid October so I’d decided what better than a Welsh rugby/Welsh speaking jaunt around the SW of Wales.
I’m looking for suggestions of shops, cafés, attractions, pubs etc where I might find Welsh speakers (preferably friendly and patient ones!) in the following locations. I know some are more likely than others;


Also, if anyone is local to these places and fancies a cuppa/pint and a chat please let me know and I’ll tell you what days I’ll be passing through

Thanks in advance

There’s some things going on at Garth Newydd in Lampeter in October to help people practice Welsh. https://paned.cymru/collections/welsh-days-out-and-courses
You don’t need to be staying there to join in with some of the activities. :smiley:

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Caerfyrddin, Carmarthen,

Pantri Blakeman, opposite the bus station, upstairs.

Siop y Pentan, bookshop, in the market.

I can’t help with rugby, but I can chat, living in the Cwm Gwendraeth area.

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I will check it out, thank you!

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Great, thanks again. I’m going to a couple of games, hence my stops in Swansea and Llanelli, but advice on where Welsh is spoken is super helpful.
I should be in Carmarthen on the 16th and again on the 20th

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Will you be in Lampeter during the Bŵtcamp week? - 17-24 October? Perhaps you could join us for an activity or two?

In Swansea, your best bet is Tŷ Tawe, and to check out what Menter Iaith Abertawe have going on.

Are you a member of the WSP? There is a channel there called #clwbclecsllanelli - they have a meetup in a pub on Monday nights.

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Hi Deborah, thanks for these suggestions.

I’ll be in Lampeter on the 17th. I’ve got a few things planned during the daytime, but I’ll be free in the evening so would be very happy to meet up with the Bwtcampers. That said, I really don’t want to get in the way or distract from what they’re doing. Also I’m aware that the Bwtcamp is a paid course so I don’t want to take advantage either. Let me know what you think.

Unfortunately I’m only in Llanelli on a Saturday/Sunday otherwise this would have been ideal!
I’m on a bit of a whistle stop tour of some of these places, as I’ve not spent much time in this area before and am trying to cram in as much as possible!
Perhaps next time I can do it a bit more leisurely :slight_smile:

Thanks again

The bŵtcamp only starts in the evening which is when we’ll be having supper in Garth Newydd and getting to know each other, so it’s not the best time for an extra person to join in unfortunately. That’s a shame. It sounds like you’re going to enjoy your visit anyway.

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No problem, that saves some surprises for me when I do a Bwtcamp anyway! Thanks for your help and suggestions

Here in Tregaron we have the Grwp CYD every Friday at 11am for an hour or so. We are Welsh learners but we have support from a lovely local lady for whom Welsh is her first language.
Until 17th September we have met at Caffi Hafan (part of Rhiannon’s), but the cafe will close on 18th September so we will be meeting at Y Talbot, the main pub opposite Rhiannon’s. Same day - Friday, same time - 11 am. Just come along and join us! No need to book.
Also, on the 1st Thursday evening of each month, at 7:30pm, we have Cinio Cymraeg at Y Talbot. This is where we learners have dinner and a chat with at least one fluent Welsh speaker, usually Rhiannon, the owner of Rhiannon’s. We need to book a table so we need to know the number of people who will come. So please let me know if you’re interested of if there are any questions.
Looking forward to meeting new people!

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Hi Mike,
Thanks for the invite. Unfortunately I won’t be in town for Thursday/Friday but I do appreciate the offer. To make things a bit easier I’ll put my rough itinerary here (should have done this to start with!)
I’ll be doing a lot of travelling/sight seeing in the daytime but should be in these locations in the evening;
14/10/22 (Friday) - Swansea
15/10/22 (Saturday) - Llanelli
16/10/22 (Sunday) - Carmarthen
17/10/22 (Monday) - Lampeter
18-19/10/22 (Tuesday - Wednesday) - Tregaron
20/10/22 (Thursday) - Carmarthen