Where to find begginers practice sessions on Slack

Where can I find begginers practice sessions on Slack

There are two groups (workspaces) on Slack. One is WSP (Welsh Speaking Practice) which is open to anyone, and although you can post generally to ask for beginner-friendly chats, there is a beginners channel especially for, well, beginners! To join that channel, press the + next to “Channels” and browse the list - when you come across “beginners”, click to join that.
(If you’re not a member of WSP already, you’ll need to send an email to admin@saysomethingin.com to ask for an invite)

The second group/workspace is the 6/6 group. This is only for those on the 6-minute-a-day or 6-month courses, and this is the one that has scheduled chats for beginners. If you’re doing one of these courses you should already have received an invite to join this group. I can’t say exactly where on this you’ll find more details because I’m not in this group myself, but @Deborah-SSi or @nia.llywelyn should be able to help with that.

If you’re on the 6/6 support on slack you can access the timetable on the channel #1-start-here
Invites to Welsh Speaking Practice can be sent by anybody who’s on it @siaronjames as long as they have your e-mail address ( I believe) or through me as well :smile: