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Trying to find out why Lesson 1 (North) stops part way through

Hi Susan! The support forum is right here, you’ve found it :slight_smile: Lesson 1 certainly shouldn’t stop part way through. Maybe something went wrong with your download? Could you describe at what point it stops?


I’ve had this problem before and it’s been because it hasn’t been downloaded properly. Delete the lesson and download it again.


Same here quite some time ago. I did the same and it helped.

I am listening on line as I can’t find a way to play once downloaded ! But Lesson 1 stops just after we move to “you” Ti (?) and the sentence : as I hear it : “Ti isho sharad cymraeg” ~ apologies for the spelling !

I’ve listened to the whole (well it unfortunatelly couldn’t be whole though) Lesson 1 North and it ends at the sentence @Susan_ECM is mentioning for me too. So there obviously is an issue with it. Now I’ll try to download it, however I believe It’ll be just the same.

I switched to the old pages so that the condition would be equal to all who weren’t able to switch to new look and feel yet. I have downloaded the lesson and played it. It ends at 32:04 at the same sentence. I presume according to the lenth of the lesson only @aran’s outro and outro music is missing though but it can be I’m mistaken. South lesson 1 is not “compatible” with northern one so I can’t find out what is misses. It appears southern lesson doesn’t cover ti in first lesson at all. (well I forgot already a bit what I’ve learnt in that first lesson but jumping throuh it “ti” doesn’t appear anywhere). :slight_smile:

So that’s abot this “testing”

Diolch Tatjana

Oh, well, I wish I could help but I don’t have this non-corrupted lesson downloaded as I do South course.

Guess I am not the only one but it stops before there is any comment like “that’s it for now ~ well done !” So I am not sure that it is the end ~ as explained in the notes, this way there is no “control bar” to indicate length, only “Play” and “Pause” buttons. Any ideas ?

I downloaded it and listened it through entire lesson with Media player so I was able to control the time. it more appears to me that this lesson doesn’t end where it should end (with only dwi structures like souothern does) but is rather mistakenly prolongued a bit into 2nd lesson. I’ll go and listen to the Lesson 2 later on to see if it starts with the same “ti” structures as Lesson 1 ends and it will explain it all.

Well if one will do that before me then let us know what the result.

And yes, it surely doesn’t appear like end of lesson more like interruption in the middle of everything. @aran, any idea? or @Kinetic maybe?

The strange thing is only that no one until now didn’t complain about this. Was this here all the time and no one “dared” to complain or is this a new issue? Really interesting thing …

I’ve listened to the beginning of the lesson 2 and @aran says "Lesson 2 is going to build on the foundation of Lesson 1 … " then the lesson starts with the sentence “Ti’n eisio mwynd.” so this doesn’t confirm my theory.

Just that much that you know that there must be kind of error. It’s just question then when it really cooured at all. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads up, folks - sounds as though there’s a hiccup of some kind - I’ll try and figure out what’s going on tomorrow…

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No worries @aran. I asume this was there forever and no one even noticed or didn’t “dare” (or care) to report the issue so take your time. I was happy enough to investigate things a bit more and - hehe I have the first lesson of Course 1 Northern finally. I just did some practice along with listening and it was fun to do as the things in this first lesson even are not so different from South “version”. :slight_smile:

I also found interesting that South version doesn’t cover “ti” in this first lesson yet but North does. I dont’ know how much frustration this would cause me if doing from the beginning but I came to idea one should literally do both courses simultaniously - 1 south > 1 norht > 2 south > 2 north etc … Probably the crazy one idea but it amuses me. :slight_smile:

Thanks very much again for flagging this up, @Susan_ECM - somehow, we’d managed to put an old file on that page - don’t worry too much about it, because Tatjana was right that it was just the ‘well done + music’ that was missing - but if you want to hear the well done, you should be able to download the new file successfully from that page now :sunny: :star: