Where is level three?

Hi! I’ve gone all the way through level one and two again and I’m now desperate for level three. What’s the eta on it’s arrival if at all? I have asked this question many times now and never seem to get an answer. I asked it over a year ago as well
as a few weeks ago. Many thanks.

Tagging @aran?

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Sorry, Chris, didn’t see your previous couple of messages - pretty heads down in the trenches over here, I’m afraid.

I’m very glad to hear that you found Level 2 worth going through a couple of times eventually, after your first impression made you ask for a refund.

We still haven’t got any serious traction in the Spanish market, I’m afraid, so for now it’s dependent on the English courses we’re going to be launching in the next few months - if we get to the point of having spare cashflow, Level 3 Spanish will be one of the first things we put it into… :slight_smile: