Where does the app save downloads?


I have the Android version of the SSiW app. I love that I can listen to SSiW on the go. I was wondering where the downloaded files are stored because I have limited internal storage.


My Documents (Or My Flies, I dont’ know since I’m using Slovene language on my phone) > All files > Device Storage > Download There you’ll find all files.

So again:
My files>All files>Device Storage>Download

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Thank you for that answer. That helps.

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Hi Stacey - if you’re running low on space you can delete lessons you’ve finished with. Tap the lesson so that it loads in the the lesson player activity. There’s a delete option available from the menu.

Show the menu with your device’s menu button if it has one, or by tapping the three vertical dots in the top right of the screen if it doesn’t.

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Is it ok to move files and listen to them in regular media player?

Why not? I didn’t moove them though but I did listen to them in regular media player so mooving them wouldn’t be such a problem.

More problem would be if you’d want to listen to them in app again but wouldn’t want to download them once again. I don’t know if there’s the way of “telling” the app where the files are stored now or even command it where to store them in the future. Maybe this would be good feature as I have 7GB memory card but is almost useless as not even one app (not only SSiW one) stores downloads on it.

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This is Google’s fault. External memory cards are either not supported, or not consistently supported across different versions of Android. This means it’s a lot of effort to support external memory cards. This is why not many apps support them. In some cases it’s only the apps that the phone maker installs on the device that can even write to a memory card because only they know how to do it.

You may be able to move the entire app (and the downloaded files) to your memory card if your phone supports that feature (I’ve seen the option on an old Samsung handset I have, but not on my google nexus)

If you do move the downloaded files it’ll /probably/ be all right, although that scenario hasn’t been tested very heavily

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Yust for the curiosity I’ll test this tomorrow.

@staceyuk I’ve given you the wrong information. Today I’ve plugged my phone into computer and detaily checked where those files are and the way is as such:


This is the way I’ve seen it in my computer now I’ll check this how it looks actually on the phone because you don’t always see things the same way when browsing phone so let me see …

OK, here we go:

Here you’ll find the whole picture of how to find not only SSiW but all app files (MP3 in this case) on Android. Instead of clicking on the com.saysometnihgin.welsh folder you click on any other folder to find other applications data in there.

Staying with SSiW app this is it. HAPPY BROWSING.

Now, later I’ll test what happens when you move those files to elswhere.



Well, as promissed I’ve tested what happens when you move the files from the app data folder elswhere.

I believe the screenshot says it all. If not, I’ve mooved Listening practice 5 elswhere and it’s evident that you’ll have to download lesson once again or go to where you have put it and move it back where it previously was - in app data files. (as seen in picture one post earlier).

So if you tend to listen to lessons via app all the time it might be wise not to move them if you don’t want to duplicate lessons or move them back and forth.

So, this is it. Research done.

Enjoy browsing, listening and learning. :slight_smile:

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Not quite true. I’ve tested that too afterwards and app just wanted to download lesson anyway. It might be this is because when app downloads lesson this particular lesson gets som eextra numbers after it’s name which I believe are kind of ID to the app by which it senses the lesson is there. When you move the lesson app remembers it’s no longer there and start to download it again this time it’ll (probably) get another numbers after the proper name and app will remember it due to this ID then so even if you move lesson back it woun’t be “valid” for the app anymore.

So one more thing researched.

What @theblacksparrow has to add to this? Am I correct?

In parts :smile:

Those numbers are generated by the saysomethingin website. When the content of the lesson is changed those numbers change.

I think if you copy the file back to the device and then use the refresh button there is a chance the app will notice the file is there so you won’t have to download it again.

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I’ll test this too for the sake of others not for the sake of me. I have no problems with downloading things again or similar tech stuff but I like to test things and then post them to help others. Hope I’m not “too helpfull”? :slight_smile:

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You’re right @theblacksparrow. It works perfectly.

Test completed. Anything else? :slight_smile: :sunny:

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