Where are the speakers in the lessons from? - De donde viene de personas que hablan espanol?

Soy jubilado pero trabajo con un class inglesvolutario una veces de seman. En mi class este es una estudianta de espana. Ahora ella escucha de dos personas que hablan espanol on SS en espanol. Dijo el hombre de argentina y la mujer quizzas de canarias; es verdad ?

Disculpe, “ingles voluntario”

Hiya - my own Spanish isn’t great but I think I see what you’re asking, and yeah the student was correct, @gabycortinas is indeed from Argentina :slight_smile: Perhaps he’ll be able to provide more info when he sees this flag…

Bienvenido in any case!

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Hola Dave,

Tiene razon tu amiga española, soy Argentino de Buenos Aires. Con respecto a la voz femenina, tendria que confirmar con Aran.


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Hola @davee52uk!

Welcome to the forum. Great to see more interest in the SSi Spanish course - not just from yourself but from the student in the class as well.

One little thing to keep in mind when you’re posting is that we try to keep the forums accessible to everyone who is learning. If they’re following the SSi course and haven’t done any Spanish before, we encourage them not to try reading or writing in Spanish until they are more comfortable with their speaking and listening. For that reason we like all posts to be in English, or at least bilingual, so that it helps everyone.

Of course, little common words like ‘Gracias’ and ‘Hola’ are fine :slight_smile:


It depends which female voice you’re listening to at the moment - we’ve had several different!

Marisol is a Spanish cousin of Gaby’s who was (maybe still is!) living in London - but she had some serious problems with her throat and wasn’t able to carry on recording.

Hannah is one of our Welsh learners, whose mother was a Spanish speaker and had brought her up multilingually - can’t remember exactly where, but not always in Spain, I don’t think. It became very difficult for Hannah to balance recording work with her studies.

Pilar is in the north of Basque Country, and did a lot of excellent recording before we ran out of spare cash flow for regular recording.

And Rosa lives near Jeff, our sound engineer, in Seattle and did the Levels (as opposed to our first drafts) - I’m not sure if she’s originally from the United States, but she’s been there for a fairly long time, I think. [Added from Jeff: originally from Mexico :slight_smile: ].

So quite a mixture!

One day in the not-too-distant future, we’ll try to go in the direction of having country-specific Spanish courses - but we’ve got a little more work to do before that will be possible…

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Gracia’s tambien Gracia’s lot so course es muy born Thank you also thank for the course it’s very good


A…and that’s what a sp3ll checker doeß to Spanish


Rosa, who is the female voice for Level 1 and Level 2 is from Mexico, although she is currently living in the States.


De nada! I’m glad you are enjoying it!

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Gosh, the whole of the Levels - I’d forgotten when we’d switched over and who was doing what. Muchisimas gracias Rosa! :slight_smile:

Aah - I’d been wondering where Rosa was from. My other half deduced where @gabycortinas was from by the accent I was picking up.

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It would be great to have a video-conference some day with a bunch of SSiS learners to hear how they sound speaking Spanish with my accent :wink: