When to drop the "G"

Hi everyone - I’m on challenge 7 and a bit unsure of when I need to drop the G… eg… Gwneud in particular in this challenge? Thanks.

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Officially, its when the word is mutated (changed slightly) according to certain grammar rules. However, it is generally omitted anyway by many Welsh speakers (mainly just for this verb), so that’s how we are learning it with SSiW. So officially it will be: “Gwnest ti dechrau” for “You did start” and “Wnest ti dechrau?” for did you start? (and “Wnest ti ddim’n dechrau” for “you didn’t start”) .
If you want to sound like a local, you can just go straight to “nest” for all of these. :slight_smile:
Same thing for Gwneud -> 'Neud.

thanks - so it would be 'neud just for speaking then? - I’ll have to wait a bit longer to learn how to put it in a written sentence- or would I still just say 'neud?

In speech and informal writing dropping the g (and even the w) is accepted, but if you were, for example, taking a written exam it would probably receive a red mark (unless, as John said, it was a question or a negative - in which case the g would go but never the w) :slight_smile:

ah diolch - that’s helpful- I won’t be taking any exams but I am in the postcard group so that will be very useful! :grinning:


What’s the Postcard Group? Regards Jane I am on unud 15 of Mynediad with Glamorgan Uni online…loving it.

Hi Jane. Clwb Cardiau Post is literally a real life post card group. There’s a list of members who send cards to each other to practice their Welsh. @nia.llywelyn, will have more details. :slightly_smiling_face:

I think @ann-6 runs it - there’s a bit more about it here Clwb Cardiau Post Cymraeg 🎉

diolch @JohnYoung. I collect / send out the infornation @siaronjames
@ann-6 is our membership organiser :smile:

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