When things just come at the right time!

Earlier this week I re-did Lesson 24, Cwrs 2 - still struggling a bit, but nearly there. Yesterday evening I did Lesson 25, Cwrs 2 for the first time. Again I struggled a bit, but guessed it would be ok after another go. This morning I decided to do the daily practices for Cwrs 2 - and as I hadn’t done any earlier in the week I did all 5 listening tracks first, and realised that everything came from lesson 24 and 25. This was brilliant. I then did all 5 speaking tracks - and guess what - they all came from lessons 24 and 25 - even more brilliant. I will re-do Lesson 25 again tomorrow - but I think it will be much easier now! So if you’re struggling with Lessons 24 and 25 - then get onto the daily practices now!

Thanks to whoever had the brainwave of 10 revision sessions through the daily practices. Diolch yn fawr!

Now I’m all set for starting Cwrs 3 - and (probably) on-line Bootcamp in October.

Hello Anne, I must find these listening tracks. I downloaded everything to my ipod, or so I thought, but have never been able to find the listening tracks. I know I could get them on my computer but would prefer to listen to them on the move. Your experience has made me want to try to use them so I’ll have another go. I’ve started the 10 day online bootcamp and am now on day 5. It has made me work harder than normal and it seems to be going well, but I’m not sure if there should be any feedback. I think I’m following the rules but so far I’m on my own.
Looking forward to comparing notes next week.

The listening practices vary in location by course.
For the ‘old’ Courses 1 and 2, they reside at https://www.saysomethingin.com/welsh/daily (Learn->Daily).
For the new Level 1, they’re every five lessons and live alongside the lesson - e.g. https://www.saysomethingin.com/welsh/level1/challenge5

I think the listening exercises for the new C1 are especially great.

Doug - I listen on the computer, often while I’m doing other things - like sewing, ironing, cleaning etc. I’m sure you can download them to your i-pod - but they do change pretty much every week. I’ve down loaded this weeks set because they were so useful. I’m not planning on starting a bootcamp straight away - as I’ve lots of musical things to deal with in the next two weeks.

The new Level 1 listening is frighteningly fast - but fun!

Anne - Thanks, but do remember that I’m a man and don’t do multi tasking!