When Italians complain for the lack of Welsh channel in hotel TV

I forgot to mention this in my report. I guess it may be a funny story to read, so here it is:

I had the chance to have a very interesting conversation with one staff member of an hotel about Welsh language and foreign language learning (in English, cause she didn’t speak a word of Welsh - only the manager is a fluent speaker and she wasn’t there - and the topic was too complicated for me anyway).

In that occasion I also told her I was a bit disappointed that out of hundreds of channels on the TV in the room, there was not one in Welsh. She said she doesn’t know why, but it’s only available in the bar.

When I reviewed the hotel I wrote very good things because in fact, everything went really fine - but I thought I should write a note about the tv thing. I did. Now I noticed the Hotel answered me!

And reading it, I felt there was something slightly surreal about this exchange of comments in Italian about the lack of a channel in Welsh (that to my understanding is a very rare complaint, over there). :laughing:

Their answer was: “Thanks for your suggestion. We are proud of our Welsh language and we are glad to see that you were interested.” :slightly_smiling_face:



Stupendo! :slightly_smiling_face:


Love this :heart:

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