When do you find time for welsh learning?

I’m stuck on lesson 9 because I’m really busy in uni, and I forget about learning welsh for months then have to go back and listen to the lessons all over again.

How do you stick at it?!

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Spending daily just 10, or even 5, minutes on lessons could help - you’d be reinforcing what you’ve learned daily and making steady progress.


Like JohnWilliams_6 stated, even 5-10 minutes a day if helpful. The real question is where does 10 minutes exist in your day to amarfer siarad Cymraeg? How about walking to and from Uni classes? Do you drive a car, ride the bus/train, or bike? In your room, hang a poster with the words/phrases you’re learning in SSiW. That way, when you’re in your room, you’ll see the poster and maybe pause to deud rhwybeth yn y Gymraeg. Are there any Welsh meetups or speakers nearby? If so, maybe you can adjust your social life to include hanging out with them. These are things I do. Maybe they can help you too.


I think @johnwilliams_6’s and @delawarejones’ are excellent tips.

However I’ve always been really bad at doing a little bit every day (except for popping up to read and write in the Forum or listening/watching to radio and TV).
At school I ended up doing everything I should have done throughout one or more weeks or even months, the night before or even on the bus the day of the test or so. :scream:
But in SSiW, there’s no tests and exams so I would keep on saying “I’ll do it later” and “I’ll do it tomorrow” forever - if I hadn’t developed different strategies to be able to deal with deadlines as an adult.

In case you’re a bit more of this type here’s what I did:

  • I set the goal of finishing one level as fast as possible
  • I chose a first slot of time of about 10 days when I knew I would have more time and my brain wouldn’t be overloaded with too many other things (for example, a holiday).
  • I just made a deal with myself to find enough time, and no less than an hour a day to study Welsh - but only for those 10 days. It still takes determination and self-discipline, but for a short time it’s more doable for me.
  • I downloaded all challenges on an iPod/smart phone and always had it with me along with headphones.
  • After the first intensive days most of the thing I had learnt in the challenges were pretty clear in my mind so it was easier to finish even if back to everyday busier life.

In general I’m more efficient if I do about 30-50 minutes in a row, but I did as little as 5 minutes, up to a bit more than 1 hour (after that, my brain just always melts!); starting from 7.30 a.m. in the morning to 11.30 p.m… Usually at home, but, just like @delawarejones said, also often on the bus/train; and on holidays and weekends also on the beach, at the swimming pool, or at a park/any outdoor green area - that actually I enjoy a lot by the way!

I don’t know if it’s helpful for you, but I can tell it worked great for me!


Personally, I found routine to be helpful. For me it was during the quietest part of the journey to work. For others, perhaps when taking the dog out, or cleaning etc. Or perhaps dinner (lunch) break.

Id go for a part of a routine which comes around regularly and see if it produces a productive learning environment. If not, try another slot that works for you. :thinking:

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When I’m driving…

Not the best time, really, but the only time I can find when I’m not doing other things. I have a horse, two dogs, four children and a full time job, so I’m busy most of the rest of the time and driving to or from work is about the only time I can fit in my Welsh practice, and that can either be SSIW or listening to Radio Cymru.


Best tip of all - stop doing this! Just carry on from where you left off - the first lesson or two back after a break will feel tougher, but then you’ll be back up to speed - and breaking through the ‘stuck on 9’ syndrome will give you a lot more confidence and success… :slight_smile:

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Thank you everyone, I think I’m going to try and learn on the way to lectures. Need to finish course 1!


I just noticed you mention course and lessons - and I often use these words even though I’ve been following the newer Level+Challenges - so maybe you’re doing the same.

But I guess one more question does no harm: which ones are you doing?

I tried old Course 1 after finishing Level 1 and it seemed super-easy in the beginning but then got really stuck after a few lessons and anyway turned out I didn’t remember as much as from Level/Challenges.

Just saying, in case you’re doing the old Course, Levels might be worth a try instead!

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