When do I move on to the next lesson

When do I move on to the next lesson, is it when I can answer in Welsh 80% or more or when the next weekly installment comes through, I don’t want to move on in case it’s wrong, I can probably do 70% fine of lesson one and do ok at the rest, if you can let me know please. thanks

Hi Trevor. Don’t worry about percentages. They don’t apply now but the comment remains on the podcasts. We were told its ok to ignore the comment now.

Also, I’m pretty sure that Aran…
Please see Aran’s response

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We used to advice aiming for 80%, years ago, but it’s turned out that as long as you’re saying something in the gaps, it doesn’t really matter - you’re absolutely fine to press on at 70%, and would be fine a fair bit below that, too - just as long as you’re saying something in almost every gap (using the pause button to make sure if necessary) :slight_smile:


In relation to your reply then, could we request the next week’s lesson before it comes out on the Monday if we feel we’re progressing well or do we still have to wait for each Monday?