What's Wales in Welsh - Mererid Hopwood

I thought this had been posted somewhere but I can’t find it! (Apologies if it’s somewhere already.) Long watch but a beautiful lecture about the Welsh language, worth a watch. I think its only available this week?


Diolch, I listened to that lecture and it was excellent, but missed a bit in the middle.

Yes, this was wonderful

I caught it the first time around really enjoyed it. Bought the poetry book.

I agree @lynne-ryan @jen @vallucas @elizabeth-1 what a interesting lecture and so engaging. I must listen again, I loved the poem Mererid read and need to catch the title/write down the words. What was the name of the poetry book please.


I thoroughly enjoyed it too. I hope the poem gets published somewhere…beautiful. I loved the 2 different tree related words she mentioned and would love to know how to spell them. There was the one that meant the sound of the wind in the leaves of trees at dusk or dawn…wyddawel or wythawel? Then the one that translates as the leaves on the trees turning inside out sensing the rain…tormino? I was also intrigued with the set of tiny poetry books that gradually revealed the words on each page but it didn’t show the title. Such a talented lady. :blush:

My little books arrived today, I can’t understand most of it yet but looking forward to learning! They are called Y lloer a’r ser and written by Mererid. :slight_smile:

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Diolch yn fawr iawn @lynne-ryan I’ve just learnt a different word for moon thanks to the book title! I know it as lleuad. Both beautiful words

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