What's on telly (and radio)

So I wanted to make this thread when I used the site more regularly several years ago. Perhaps this could be made a sticky?
Many of us don’t live or work in Wales or don’t have the time to trawl though the TV guide to see whats on S4C and if it’s any good. When you’re not in the country it’s much harde to passively hear about these things. So if you watch/listen to something and you think it’s good- and not from a learning point of view- say you heard some good tunes on ‘Awr Wrin’ or ‘Celtic connections’ on BBC sounds- post it. Being specific helps- Post the name of show, the platform its on, and when it’s available until- and a brief description of why you liked it. If it’s a song in a radio show, or an interview on Heno then post the time it plays.

I’ll start
Name: Yr Amgueddfa
Platform: S4C Clic and Iplayer
Available until: 3 months from when I’m posting this so Nov 2021?
A nice opening episode which grabbed me a lot more than many of the other dark mysteries which I’ve tried to get into. 45min/episode and 6 episodes so great for a commute.


What a good idea, Mihil!

Name: Patagonia
Platform: S4C Clic
Available for UK and international viewers for the next 94 days, so towards the end of Nov 2021

This is a classic Welsh film set in Patagonia, the Welsh colony in Argentina. You hear both Welsh and Spanish, and there are subtitles available in Welsh and English


Helo Mihil,

A few suggestions about interesting TV programmes can be found at the links below.
Dates of course will be outdated, but many of them become.available again quite regularly.
I can’t remember if there’s any thread about radio to start and have a look at, while other titles will be added in this thread.

However IPlayer is not available (freely, legally) abroad, just a selection of S4C clic programmes for us!

Plus several just about iaith ar daith show, that’s quite a common favourite!

I’ve been quite enjoying Bwrdd I dri. It’s a cooking programme with a sarcastic voice over, very easy to pick out words and phrases from. Good exposure to different accents and vocab, especially if you like cooking.

Y Amgueddfa looks great, but I’m saving it for when I understand a bit more as at the moment I’d just be reading the subtitles.

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Oh, also a series of conversations Sgwrs dan y lloer. Very relaxed pace, and interesting stories. The one with Tudur Owen is particularly good. I think it’s from the learners section.

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Popl y Chwarel has been wonderful. A great insight into Bethesda and a good opportunity to hear Welsh conversation.

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I absolutely love Dwy Iaith Un Ymennydd with Elis James, available on BBC Sounds. In each episode Elis interviews someone and talks about their life but focussing on their upbringing in the language. Elis’ wife and several guests’ partners are learners, or have learned as adults, so there’s lots of interesting stuff about that. As a natural speaker, Elis isn’t always perfect and my particular favourite bit is when comediwr Esyllt Sears picks him up for saying, “pobol hen”.


While I can get S4C on iplayer I can’t seem to find Clic. Help😊


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Ah thanks, only online then, not on TV :blush:

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Yes, I watched Patagonia last weekend. I’m still not sure I liked it, I think it’s not a guy movie, but lots of welsh language to listen to. I thought the old lady was excellent.

I’m rewatching this week - a bit each day while I eat lunch :slight_smile:

The last time I saw it was at an Eisteddfod Genedlaethol. I went in with a friend from Argentina, both of us speaking Welsh, and we came out speaking Spanish :rofl:

I’d forgotten a lot of it, but it is considered a classic Welsh film.

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Y Amguedda is fab :slight_smile: