What's new?

Howzit guys.

Haven’t been here for a few years.

I completed the old courses (1,2,3) and new levels (1,2,3) around 2016/ 17. I never get the chance to use it in the real world (being Africa and all), but one big take away is that around 45% of my Spotify Playlist is Welsh language music (and well, I guess speaking Welsh to myself is pretty cool too).

I see the whole offering has changed quite a bit since my last check in. Would it be worth resubscribing?

Seems a bit more interactive now days- can anyone tell me whats new?

Thanks guys

Welcome back!

I guess one of the biggest new things is that we’ve set up a Welsh Speaking Practice group on Slack where people all over the world can practise their Welsh (no excuses now!), and you don’t need a subscription to join it - just ask admin@saysomethingin.com for an invite.

There are also new materials in the Advanced Content that you might want to utilise - I’m not sure if you need a subscription for those (click on ‘Learn’, then ‘Advanced Content’ to see if you can access them - I have a subscription, so I can’t tell from my computer).

Because you’ve already done both the old and the new course, all you’ve really missed out on are a few of the optional ‘extra tasks’ which have been inserted into the new course to speed up learning even more, but I’ll tag @Stine here in case she can offer more advice on what resubscribing could offer you.

Thanks, @siaronjames :grin: and welcome back, @chris! Lovely to hear how you’ve been getting on.

I’d always recommend people re-subscribe just because I think there’s always something going on here worth having a look at :laughing: but I fully accept I’m totally biased, too! I think if you’ve already completed both the old and the new courses, you might find it fun to resubscribe and revise a few of the challenges, particularly the ones at the end of each level. With an active subscription you would also be able to access the advanced listening materials produced by Beca, which are updated frequently, and which involve a range of different voices talking about a whole load of different topics, plus access to the subscribers’ Slack messaging and practice session channel. You’d also get access to our other ‘old’ language courses.

As Sharon says, you don’t need a subscription to sign up to Welsh Speaking Practice (WSP) where there are lots of different learner-led interest groups chatting away in Welsh. Just send an email to us via the admin@saysomethingin.com address, and we can sort that out for you.

One thing you might be interested in doing is taking out one of our new subscription packages. Our Gold and ‘One in a Million’ packages offer a range of additional features, most popular of which has been our intensive Sprint Day courses offered exclusively as part of those packages. Here’s the link to our current sales page, where you can see what you get in each package: https://discover.saysomethingin.com/learnwelsh6

If you have any questions, drop us a line at admin@saysomethingin.com and we’ll be happy to explain further. Hope that helps you!

Hey there @Stine and @siaronjames

Thanks so much for all the info. I wouldn’t mind checking out the new content and brushing up on some of the more difficult lessons.

I’ll go ahead and resub - see you on Slack soon.

Have a great weekend.