What’s the difference?

In need of some help.

In the old course it said that we would use:

‘Nath hi mwyn’ for she wanted

In the new course it’s:

‘Oedd hi mwyn’

(Apologies for any spelling / grammar errors)

Just wondering what’s the difference or if I have misunderstood something?

Wnath hi mwyn. Nath, wnaeth, Gwneud, ‘to do’ , is the root verb.

Oedd is part of the root verb ‘to be’.

She did want, she was wanting, she wanted. I would understand them in the same way.

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Thanks for the reply!

So either would be fine to use in a conversation?

I have been learning and using Nath from old course and now feel like I need to forget about it when studying the new course.

Yes, either would be fine. There are many occasions in Welsh where there are different ways of saying the same thing. It’s not a case of forgetting one to use the other - you can use whichever you feel confident using, but of course other people may be more comfortable using a different way so it’s best to be aware of alternatives for when they crop up ‘in the wild’ even though you might not be the ones you’re used to.