What is St. David’s blessing, or prayer?

Help please…

I have been asked to say St. David’s Prayer (or is it a Blessing?) at our upcoming all-weekend Vancouver Welsh Society’s celebration honouring St. David.

Small problem—I do not know what it is. Can anyone here help with the words in Welsh and English please?

Coincidentally, I just finished reading a recent re-write of a book called ‘Following the Celtic Way’ which said that In the ‘Golden Age of the Saints’, the likes of David would not only say ‘good, encouraging words’ blessing people, but also animals, food, plants, landscapes… whatever.

Nice idea. Now all I need are the right words before March 1st—no pressure :thinking:

Thank you to whoever can save my bacon,

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The only one I know of is -

‘Byddwch lawen, cadwch y ffydd a gwnewch y pethau bychain a welsoch ac a glywsoch gennyf i.’

‘Be joyful, keep your faith and your creed, and do the little things that you have seen and heard me do.’

Maybe someone else knows of another?


Thank you so much Siaron,

That certainly has all the hallmarks of a classic blessing, so this will be perfect to use unless anyone knows of anything else specific to St. David.

It’s a tricky business trying to strike the correct balance of being true to David’s work and life as a Saint, while expressing something everyone can ‘live with’. However, reading this over several times, it seems to say something beautiful that anyone (whatever their creed) could appreciate.

Diolch yn fawr iawn,

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You’re welcome Marilyn! As far as ‘last words’ go, those (which apparently were St David’s), take a bit of beating, and inspired one of my favourite songs we did while I was in ‘Bob Delyn a’r Ebillion’ :grinning:


Gwych Siaron,

This is brilliant—both the song and David’s ‘last words’. I am so thrilled and happy… diolch, diloch, diolch!


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Is that yourself front and center with the lovely voice?
Edited: I know that there can be effort in singing, but with was definitely what I was after.

Love this! :heart:


It is me in the picture, but not me in the recording - I used to stand in when the proper female vocalist (who’s way better than me!) couldn’t make a gig, but the soundtrack is taken off the album ‘Dore’ which she sang on.


Follow the true Light. Find the true path.

Dw i’n cytuno â hi. Diolch am rhannu efo ni. I added it to my collection of Welsh songs.