What does he say?

Excuse-me for creating a topic : in fact II was looking for " tiny questions with short answers" but can’t find it
_(By the way, isn’t it a way in this forum to use a "key word " to avoid asking twice or maybe more the same question, or questions quasi similar ? It’s the use in most of forums, it helps to find an answer - or a topic - , and also avoid a multitude of “doubles” But it is maybe a “technical complication”; I was just wondering, not criticizing !)

So my tiny question is : concerning the welsh lessons, north, what does the man says (I’m sorry, I say “the man” because I did not notice his name, nor the woman’s one, but he probably introduced in the introduction and II maybe forgot) at the end of each challenge , I suppose a sort of Goodbye, but unfortunately it’s not written in the vocabulary list, and without the writing, it’s very difficult (for me) to “ear” well : he says it very fast.

Aran and Catrin’s are the mellifluous voices you hear :smile:

Could it be “Hwyl am y tro”? Bye for now

The thread you are looking for is “Tiny questions with quick answers”, and, yes, that would an appropriate thread for this question - but no harm done at all.

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Diolch yn fawr Louis. I did try to find the thread “tiny…” but agter reading twice the long long long list of threads, I gave up !!! That’s why I would like very much a search by key bord…
concerning the voices : ah, it’s nice to get names, thanks. But concerning the words Aran says, it seems that it ends with “fawr”. I’ll try to hear more precisely.

Maybe hwyl fawr? That’s just another way to say goodbye :slight_smile:

Which challenge was it exactly? I listened to Level 1 Challenge 2 (if I remember correctly).

https://forum.saysomethingin.com/t/tiny-questions-with-quick-answers-continuing-thread” is the full name

You can search by key word, by the way: click on the magnifying glass on the top right (on a computer browser), and you can type words and search in all forum or just the topic you’re reading in that moment (even though that specific thread contains so many posts that you might not find the ones you’re looking for anyway!)04


One way you can find threads/posts you want to see again later is by bookmarking them. At the bottom of every post, there is the heart symbol to “like” the post, a chain symbol to link to the post, and a three-dot symbol. Click on the three dots and it will bring up a flag and a bookmark symbol. If you click the bookmark, you will have bookmarked it for yourself, and you can find it later by clicking on your avatar in the upper right of the screen, and then clicking the bookmark symbol there. I can’t show you with screenshots just now, but give it a try and if you have trouble, give a shout and I can put more detailed instructions with screenshots later.

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Thanks to all. To answer Louis : it’s at the end of each challenge.
It could be “hwyl fawr”, even if it seemed tom e longer (I’ sorry I can’t currently go and control, so I would not assure anything seriously)
Thanks for the ways of finding an old topic or threat (I’m ashamed : I’m very used to forums, and could not manage, with this one !)

I just listened to North Challenge 1, and he says “Hwyl am y tro” (bye for now). I don’t know if that’s what he always says, as I do the South course.

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Aaaah, big thanks !!! Here it is !!! I was up to write a sort of phonetic earing, as “hwyl amytro”, to precise my auestion, and so, you make it of no use !!! Well, a pity that those salutation words are not on the1st challenge vocabulary list. Maybe in a next version ii?..:slightly_smiling_face:.

Ir’s maybe “old fashioned” from my part, but when I hear Aran say “one of the first things you want to say”, I would think of : “Hello”, “excuse-me”, “please”, “thankyou”.simple and usefull words, since the very first time you met a welsh speaker, and only afterwards I would need the rest. I
But anymway, the method is great to use, it gives results, and I suppose there is a reason for reporting the use of those 4 (very important, very nice and very usefull) words. to further lessons.:slightly_smiling_face: