What do you get if you cross the A470 with Welsh Poets?

A wonderful anthology of bilingual poetry about the A470 of course…

If you’re not yet familiar with the A470, it’s the main 186 mile route which connects North and South Wales, meandering through mountains and valleys, past lakes and rivers and many other stunning views. It’s sometimes a breeze of a drive and sometimes incredibly infuriating. A road where the need for public conveniences, or even a hot decent coffee can leave you running out of swear words.

If you live in Wales or only visit occasionally, the A470 becomes part of your memory bank - everyone has a story to tell. Which is what inspired author Sian Northey to reach and ask people to write in Welsh and English about their experiences.

Since it’s release in March, the book has been reprinted twice and continues to prove to be very popular.

Here is a very recent article in the Guardian about the publication -

And here’s where you can purchase a copy -



I am currently waiting for this to arrive on the post!

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Sori, Fi wastad yn cofio’r gân “Loris Mansel Davies” gan “Yr Welsh Whisperer” wrth feddwl am yr A470!
Ac … Do, dwi wedi bod yn styc y tu ôl i’r lorïau ofnadwy o enwog …

(Sorry, I always recall the song “Loris Mansel Davies” by “The Welsh Whisperer” when thinking of the A470!
And … Yes, I have been stuck behind the terribly famous lorries … )


I was behind a Lori Mansel Davies when I was returning to Cymru from dropping family off in Southampton once … still in England, but I felt very happy and almost home when I saw it! :joy:

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