What do we do if we don't understand a word?

What do we do if we don’t understand something in one of the questions?

Are we allowed to ask for help? (In English and/or Welsh? As a voice post or in writing?)

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I don’t know the ‘rules’ but I would say either ask/look up or don’t answer so definitely ask.

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What do we do if we don’t understand any of the questions posted by other people? :laughing:

I suppose I could try to respond just as I would if that happened in conversation – “I’m sorry, I didn’t understand what you said, could you say it again a little more slowly”? Or more likely just nod and look slightly panicked . . .


Let’s try modelling on conversation - so ask in a voice post in Welsh?

Legitimate question… :slight_smile:

First, work through the questions tagged SIMPLE.

If you can’t understand any of them - that means you’re not ready for this step. Keep on working through Level 1 and doing your daily accelerated listening exercises, and come back to check on the SIMPLE questions once every couple of weeks, until one of them goes ‘ping!’ for you… :slight_smile:


I have found one I understood now. Just was feeling a bit out of my depth as it took me several before I found one. I think my listening skills are definitely my weak point so more practice practice with that definitely needed.


Don’t feel out of your depth - just feel proud that you are doing EXACTLY the work you need to be doing to improve - if you weren’t doing this, it would be easy to avoid knowing that you need this work, and to trot along with more lessons and more this and that, without addressing the fact that your listening skills aren’t where you want them yet… :slight_smile:

The effort you’re making now is EXACTLY the effort you need to be making right now… :star: :star2:


Alice, I was so pleased to find your question because I could understand all of it!


Just to let you know, if I post a question (or an answer for that matter) which contains a word/phrase or construction you don’t know, I’m very happy to write it down for you if you ask in the question thread - I am consciously trying to slow down on these recordings because I do tend to gabble, but I still can’t help gabbling a bit! And because everyone’s accents and speeds differ, even a word you do know can sound like a completely new word, and even if it is a word new to you - weyhey! new vocab! so don’t be shy to ask for clarification now and again :slight_smile:


I am a garbler too. So I’d be happy to have the nod to slow down. I’m happy to answer any questions about bits that aren’t understood, there’s a strong chance it’s not understood because I’ve made a mistake, so don’t feel it’s your Welsh skills, there are lots of factors at play :slight_smile: