What comes next,,,

I was wondering what comes next once you have finished the challenges level 1?

Have made it to challenge 7 so far of the Southern Welsh version and really enjoy it. I’m doing the challenges as I travel to and from work.

Eventually there will be a Level 2; in the mean time, it might be worth doing the older courses. They’re still pretty good, and you’ll still learn quite a bit.

That’s a really excellently detailed review - thank you so much…:star:

Yes, sorry about the being away bit - I thought I’d be able to spend more time online, but a combination of loads-to-do + poor-internet-access kind of hit that on the head.

Thanks for the stuff on the timing - if the 24 hour thing is reliable (Aweber doesn’t make it easy to know if it is or not) then we can prime people to fire it up at the right time for them.

And many congratulations on such a huge jump forwards with your Welsh!..:smile: