What can SSiW do to help learners/societies in US/Canada?

I see opportunities to add grammar tips that come up in the audio that could be referenced to sections in the Routledge grammar. Can I (or you) note them?

I’m late to this conversation, but I love all of these ideas. While I’d love to have bootcamps available, especially if native or near-native speakers could be involved somehow, I suspect it would still be a time issue for me unless it happened in my city. I think the WSP option with a North America friendly time would be very useful, and it would be great to have local/regional meetups to practice and support one another - maybe with the option of logging into to WSP as a group and having a group chat with native and fluent speakers in Wales.


We’re kind of ‘pretty cold’ on grammar… :wink:

Um translate cold on grammar? You have it cold? You don’t want to worry about it? You are allergic to it? It gives you a cold? If you don’t like it can we have a “safe space” on the forum for those of us who find it helps us learn? Or is there one already?

If Catrin can give us a few merciful seconds in the lessons that would be great lol

Is it an option to have @aran and his family come stay at the little cabin next to my house for a couple weeks? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::laughing: Then my family could have bootcamp right in our living room! And maybe at the same time they could teach us all the welsh hymns??!

Ok but really bookcamp every year… one on the east coast and one on the west coast

I also think a scholarship for US learners to come for an intensive week(s) in wales would be grand

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I’m not on this map but I’m definitely a learner!

Well, then - let’s get you on the map! Portland, Oregon?

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Vancouver, Washington


I’m still not there! Try putting me in Hazel Dell, north of Portland, OR.

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@Sionned :slight_smile:

Sorry 'bout that, Clare! I think I’ve got it now.