What brings you to Welsh?

I’ve been reading around the topics, and getting to know a few of you from afar, but it’s quite hard for a newcomer to jump on the end of an ongoing thread…

And I’m quite interested to know, what brings you to want to learn Welsh?

I’m not Welsh (well very distantly - great great grandparents), but I live nearish to Bristol, so not too far away. I holiday in Wales each year at least once (off to Strumble Head this Aug can’t wait!) and visit when I can - love the mountains, Brecon, Abergavenny etc. My hubby has Welsh cousins in Pontypridd…

But i never considered learning it until recently when I was reading some Welsh history and got fed up not knowing how to pronounce the names/places…

Amazingly, it all started from there, I stumbled upon SSIW very quickly, and here I am!


Hi Samantha

I’m a newbie too. I’m from the S Wales valleys and did Welsh (2nd language) for GCSE but forgot quite a lot of it through not using it. I still remembered some words which I’d pick up on in day to day life. I think I decided to pick Welsh up again because I think it’s the key to a whole lot more culture and friends in Wales. Plus having the accent already is a bonus :wink: I’m loving Say Something in Welsh and I’m really pleased with how quickly I’m progressing.

Are you getting to practice your Welsh? I’ve been looking around and there are some learner practice lunchtime sessions in Cardiff.




@samantha Don’t know if you’ve already seen this thread. You may enjoy reading through it. My story is in there somewhere, if you make it that far!

Why did you decide to try SSiW

And NEVER feel like you shouldn’t just jump into any thread! Post away - we are all friends here :slight_smile:


Kimberley, I’m not getting much practice atm, but I am hoping to - just discovered a friend of mine has tried Welsh in the past and would like to pick it back up, do maybe I’ll get some practice that way, as well as the guy at work. When I’ve done a bit more, I will probably look at the Skype thread :slight_smile:

It’s good you can get to some practice sessions - I think that’s the way to really remember as you said!

Anna - thank you for that link! Looks like I’ve made a bit of a duplicate thread, sorry! I’ll head over and have a look :slight_smile: And I don’t mind hopping on a thread if I have dome thing relevant to say, but usually I don’t yet - not enough knowledge yet!

A very warm welcome to the forum, Samantha - jumping in any old how is very much the best way to get a feel for it… :slight_smile:

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@Samantha - and a very big reason for this forum is for people to ask questions and get answers, usually very quickly. So don’t wait until you have “enough knowledge” - answering questions and giving encouragement are what we’re here for!


Thanks @Sionned and @aran - I am starting to feel a bit more at home here :grinning: Everyone is so friendly!

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