What are your favourite compound words? (Cyfansoddeiriau)

Many of you may not know this :smiley: but you can sometimes mix two welsh words together to form a new word (bathu gair newydd)…

Cyfansoddair itself is such a word (Cyfansoddi - to compose + Gair - a word)

I was curious if anyone here knows any or if they have any particular favourites they would like to share?

Unfortunately I cannot share right now … Off my head, I can only think of ones used by friends in the past that are far too rude to publish publicly haha

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One I’ve always liked is llosgfynydd - volcano, or literally “burning mountain”



Here’s another / Dyma un arall

Llywoden - Computer mouse
Llyw = steering wheel /// llygoden = mouse

Clever hey? Many speakers will just say llygoden if pressed for an answer but I have seen this in academia and technical discussion

We also see Llyw in Llywelyn - as llyw can refer to a person being a leader (someone who steers things).
Diminutive form of Llywelyn is Lelo … fyi

Full translation of Llyw


Perhaps “Canolbwyntio”: literally “pointing to the centre”. It means “to concentrate”. Love it!

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arfordir, ar + mor + tir

on + sea + land

= coast

llwybr arfordirol, coastal path


I hadn’t seen that before, but I like it! :clap:

It was discussed on the termau newydd threads back in the mists of the early internet. Like many Welsh language documents…Im struggling to find them on search engines again

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