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Hi All,

Just in case anyone missed it the first time around, remember that there is a free online Slack community kindly set up by the SSIW community where a fair few of us are meeting on a nighly basis, spawning chat sessions with whoever is free at the time.

I think I’m correct in saying we are almost at the point where there is a scheduled 7pm UK time chat every single weeknight that usually attracts a good crowd of people.

It’s free - and as much as we’ve got a load of SSIW people already, we would love to see more of you over there.


Email: admin@saysomethingin.com with the subject title “WSP” for an invite.


@Deborah-SSi - worth having this once a month or so in the email? :slight_smile: Or maybe as one of the weekly slots - although I always feel those probably get skimmed over quite a bit… :wink:

I haven’t mailed about this because 7pm almost never works for me – I’m either teaching or it’s family dinnertime followed by kids’ bedtime. Do things happen at other hours, too?

You can always have 1-on-1 chats with people whenever someone is available or look out for non-regular group chats that happen every now and then (or start your own!)


Hi Richard,

There is an awful lot of 1:1 chats that pop up throughout the day - there’s an #onlinenow channel on there where people pop in every morning and just post things like “I’m going to be around most of today if anyone wants a quick chat” or “I’m a beginner looking for a 5 min chat with anyone”

There have also been a fair amount of hangouts that people have just started there and then. @netmouse for instance ran one on a Friday at 2pm about a fortnight back.


This was what I put in this week’s email, but I’ll keep mentioning it and I’ll promote the specific Hangouts in the next one.

It’s great to see people joining up to the online practice site – Welsh Speaking Practice. It’s hosted by free software and is quite easy to learn to use. It’s ideal for people that don’t live in a Welsh-speaking community, and you don’t need to have a lot of time to spare. People just pop in with 5 minutes to chat, see who else is online, and have a quick conversation, or they join in with the regular group hangouts that are taking place almost every day now.

If you’d like to join in and see your spoken Welsh really taking off, send an email to admin@saysomethingin.com with WSP in the subject and your name in the text. We’ll send you an invitation to get you set up.

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I’m generally around (more or less) for chats on Slack weekdays 6pm - 10pm and weekends/holidays 8.30am - 10pm.

I know. I don’t get out much these days. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: