Welsh wedding song?

I hope I am putting an odd question like this in the right spot. My daughter is getting married in May. She would like for me to sing a song at her wedding. However, she asked me if instead of singing a song in English, as I have done for some of her siblings, I would please sing a song in Welsh. :flushed: I am on Challenge 10 of Level 3, live in Oregon (U.S.A.), and know absolutely nothing about Welsh love songs or which would be appropriate for a wedding. Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated! Many, many thanks!


@caryns, what a lovely idea! I’m going to tag my colleague Jeff @lewie in here, because he’s a member of the Welsh Society of Oregon, and a talented singer, so may have some suggestions for you or know someone who can help.

My favourite traditional Welsh song is ‘Calon Lan’ (or ‘Pure Heart’) which might well work for a wedding. Here’s some info - see what you think:

and many congratulations to your daughter, too!

Thank you! :smiley:

@caryns I have certainly accompanied choirs and singers for Calon Lân at weddings, although I’m sure some will have more suggestions. It’s such a great hymn though.

She picked a song! She and her fiancé found Perffaith, (the Welsh version of Perfect by Ed Sheeran). No way will I be able to sing it like Bronwen Lewis :grin: but I’ll give it a go!


Nice choice! Sorry I didn’t reply quickly enough … one of the tunes I was going to suggest is a Bronwen Lewis song as well! Ti a fi is quite lovely.

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Calon Lan was one of the hymns we sang at our wedding. It’s beautiful, uplifting, has appropriate and simple lyrics and is easy to sing. :slight_smile:

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Reviving a old thread here but hoping someone can help!

I’m looking for some Welsh music for a wedding, but to comply with the registrar’s requirements (civil ceremony) it has to be non-religious. As Calon Lan was originally a hymn I don’t think it’ll be approved.

Calon Lan was our first choice for our wedding this year, but we weren’t allowed it for the same reason. We ended up going with Myfanwy which is as beautiful a song as Calon Lan and the registrar was happy it wasn’t classed as a ‘hymn’. We got a friend to sing and record it to play at our ceremony as we weren’t allowed a live singer because of COVID rules.

Bugeilio’r Gwenith Gwyn is another possibility - beautiful and definitely not a hymn.

I recently heard this cover version of a song called Thousand Nights by Bronwen Lewis. It’s a beautiful song and I see in the comments below that some people are using it at weddings:


My friend from Scotland used to hire couple of professional musicians from https://www.poptop.uk.com/suppliers/music-band/wedding-bands/ special service. They played music from Harry Potter´s films on his wedding and it waas soo amazing actually!